At CraftyStitches, we pride ourselves on claiming all corners of the world. Join us in Creating a sewing movement one stitch at a time, in all our languages!


Chinese - 同我一齊,用一針 一線 去創做藝能動態

Swahili - Kuunda muungano wa ushonaji hatua baada ya hatua

French - La création d'un mouvement à coudre un point a la fois

Spanish - Creando un movimiento de coser una costura tras otra

Malay - Mencipta gerakan jahitan dengan satu sulaman pada satu ketika



Our mission at CraftyStitches is to grow and create a crafting culture where ideas come to life using our hands and a sewing machine. We beleive that sewing mends, fixes, and teaches a regenerating culture that values traditions, and the world of handmade ideas. So join me in creating a sewing movement one stitch at a time.


Hi, my name is Jennifer Michael owner and founder of CraftyStitches.  I created CraftyStitches because sewing is my "thing". I love my sewing machine, it makes me feel invincible.

I believe that working with our hands and creating something organically can change our world views. I want to bring back the Art in technology and education in STEM fields. It's so important for our young girls to be acquainted with STEM in informal environments so they can go on to be successful and innovative business women. I love teaching them how to create and sew, all while introducing them to mathematical and engineering processes. Creating does something to your brain. I want to encourage everyone to love sewing and appreciate all things sewn. :) Thus the tagline of my company "Creating a Sewing Movement One Stitch At A Time". I've translated this statement in Swahili, French, Chinese, Tagalog, and Spanish. I want to be able to influence the world with the appreciation of fabric and sewing through our products, tutorials, and sew parties.

I have found that sewing is a dying trade in America. I want to bring back the flavor of an American Manufactured Identity. Made in America products are high quality because we are a valued driven culture with deep history and appreciation of hard work and creativity. I want to create a whole-istic company with big dreams but act small. So In addition, I also source responsibly and locally as much as possible. We have to take those little steps to make the big dreams happen.

So join me in creating a sewing movement one stitch at a time.